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Może ktoś chce wziąć udział w projekcie ....
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Autor:  Jacek Kalisiak [ czwartek, 28 sierpnia 2014, 20:32 ]
Tytuł:  Może ktoś chce wziąć udział w projekcie ....


My name is Roberto Lugones I am an independent tv director living in France working on documentaries for French tv mainly for « Arte » french german TV… I don't have a web site but …

http://www.arte.tv/hpv2/resultats?searc ... gsc.page=1

I am currently preparing a topic concerning « beetles from the world ».

For the moment is a little bit difficult to define a point of view because is a large topic with different aspects: scientifically , historical (France has one of the largest and older collections of coleotpteres in the world) ,  tradition in countries ,like Japan where people collect and rise beetles and beetle wrestling in thailand  … and also populations from Africa and South América hunting and selling beetles.

In order to get more information and givee a direction to this topic,  … I would like to get in touch with scientist or entomologists, who specialize in beetles , doing scientifically expeditions on locations .

And of course any suggestions i order to make a nice doc about beetles will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help

Roberto Lugones


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